Monday, June 20, 2005

The World Cafe

Since my wife introduced me to the format, I've used the World Cafe discussion model a handful of times in my classes. I didn't know it had a website until now.

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Greg said...

BWM chapter 4

(I know this ain't the place!)

Round 1 - How much do we pay professional speakers to come to our schools? What about continuing support? The presenters seem to be too general - they try to reach the entire staff. Page 59 quote about "teacher quality..." hit home with all of us.

Round 2 - We have to help each other not hang each other!
Would professional development work if it was not mandatory?
A resounding YES. Some veteran teachers just won't do it.

Round 3 - How do you make people WANT to do it? We can't control others, only ourselves. Teachers need to get over competitiveness.

Round 4 - Forced vs. Choice
Sure there's resistance. Any other career you'd have a wealth of choice. It seems the only classes offered are the quick fix (here's a reading strategy) What about sustainment? Schools must have a strong administration!

Round 5 - Reality
I don't see this happening.
Back to page 59 - lead "scholarly lives."