Tuesday, June 21, 2005

CSU Writing Project Summer Institute 2005

Welcome to World Cafe Chapter 5-Standards and Assessments for Writing

We disscussed Portfolios pro's and con's--we know they a good way to assess but how do we manage them and find the time to assess them. We would like to look more into Kentucky's asssessment on the state level. We love the Holistic Scoring Guide

A couple stand out quotes--
"Hillocks found that writing assessments vary widely from state to state." pg. 76 How does this align with NCLB
"Unfortunatly, what we have in too many districts ... is test-driven reform masquerading as standards-based reform." pg. 74
"Student ownership is key. The best practice is a portfolio where student's best writing determines the grade for the term." pg. 80

Final Thoughs--Why is our educational policy being driven by Texas, the state ranked 49th in education? Rhys

Thank you for visiting Chapter 5!

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