Sunday, June 19, 2005

Inside the 14 year-old mind

It's Sunday and I'm working on my Science and Literacy manuscript for The Science Teacher (Cindy and Bud would be proud), and I stumbled across an interesting but potentially challenging book that is HIGHLY recommended by both the NSTA and numerous readers, including junior high and high school students (it's considered a YA book).

The Burn Journals is an autobiographical account of a 14 year-old that tries to readjust to school and life after trying to commit suicide, but failing. It looks fascinating and seems to be read by all ages above 14. Interesting look inside a 14 year-olds mind regarding the world around him. After all that goes on in our lives, especially at Poudre HS the last couple of months, I thought a few of you may be interested. Also, it's great to see a young writer looking for positives in such a difficult, potentially tragic event.

I have it on order so I'll bring it in when it shows. Hope everyone is having a relaxing, renewing weekend. See you Monday.

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