Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Virtual Writing Tour

Paul Allison, Tech Liaison for the NYCWP has posted the results of their recent walking and writing tour of the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. Check out what they're writing -- and what they're seeing when they do. I like how they've taken the pictures and the text and put them together in Flickr. Their work might make for a good set of writing prompts for you if you're feeling stuck.
Really. Go look and read already.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Update -- Here comes a deadline

From the national folks:

We hope you plan to join us in Nashville for next year’s NWP Annual Meeting, November 16-18, 2006. Due to space limitations, there will not be a call for session proposals for the 2006 meeting. Please consider proposing a session for the 2006 NCTE Annual Convention and keep in mind that the deadline for submitting proposals online to NCTE is approaching quickly: JANUARY 17.

I find it funny that NWP would plan a conference in a space where they can't accept proposals. Seems odd, doesn't it?