Saturday, February 25, 2006

Getting Published

Had a great first day with other NWP teachers from other parts of the country. We got right to work, though, in true Writing Project fashion -- and I expect I'll be quite tired by the end of the weekend.
Regular readers of this blog probably know that one of the major ideas behind the NWP is that the best teachers of writing are those that are writers themselves. This teacher writing takes a number of forms, this blog being my primary writing environment. Others write poetry, professional articles, keep journals, write fiction, etc. But one end goal of writing is getting that work read, or published. (I've been having some interesting conversations lately about whether or not publishing via blogs is really publishing. What do you think?)
Megan, one of the CSUWP's group of pretty amazing teacher consultants, has put together a really handy resource to help folks who are looking for places to publish. Here's a link to her three-page spreadsheet of literary journals that accept either poetry, or fiction, or both.
What other handy "Where do I get published?" resources do you know about?

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Away from Home

I'm writing tonight from the Warwick Hotel in Denver, Colorado, where I am preparing to begin a three day National Writing Project event tomorrow. We'll be looking at information from other NWP sites and coding them to help get a fix on what's going on around the country. (At least, that's how I understand the process right now -- I'll understand it better tomorrow.) In the evenings in between work sessions, I'll be planning a conference presentation on blogging and checking in with a teacher that I am working with on a pen pal project with our students.
Busy weekend, but it's that good, "good things are happening in our classrooms, let's share them" type of busy. I'm really looking forward to it. I hope I can record some audio and pass along our conversations.
One note -- we'll probably be giving that conference presentation on blogging in a room without Internet access or computers. We're thinking that we might use sticky notes as a metaphor for blogging.
How many of you are conferencing in areas without reliable Internet access?

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