Thursday, June 16, 2005

Sweatin' over CSUWP homework

Deanna and I are melting in a coffee shop here in Old Town as we focus earnestly on our work for tomorrow. (Actually, she's working on her Author's Chair pieces and I am surfing around the blog and the E-anthology -- although I should be reading. I posted my poems on the e-anthology, by the way! So exciting!)

As the week comes to a close, I certainly feel proud to be part of the NWP. I find it inspiring, important, validating and motivating. AND MY DEMO'S DONE!! Yay! I earned a little surf time!

Some guy here just tried to pick us up (Deanna, really) by asking us if we liked Gershwin. Not too bad for a couple of married women loose in the big city! Deanna says he must like sweaty women. (It's really hot in here...or is it just our brains cranking out the overtime in fellowship mode?) Thanks for all the techno support, Bud. You are a model of patience and grace.


Bud said...


You're very welcome and far too kind. I'm glad to see that folks are beginning to get interested in some of this stuff! Really enjoyed your demo -- and I'm looking forward to Deanna's. And everyone else's, for that matter.

Kim P. said...

I'm jealous--I need to stay up in Ft. Collins one evening to play and destress. Happy Surfing!
Kim P.

kim w. said...

Coffee?? Why coffee?? Where is your beer?? I too am scanning the blog and e-anthologies. So much to do, so little time! :)