Wednesday, June 22, 2005

We're writing . . .

We're writing here in Pueblo, and I'm struck by how similar our two sites are. The keys are clattering, pens are scribbling, and I was offered a hefty snack from the smorgasboard in the next room. (Oh, yeah -- they have a separate ROOM for their snacks. No, really. We should look into that.)
As I'm writing, it just feels good to be in the room with other writers. I'm eager to see what they're crafting on their pages and screens. As with all writing project activities, I can hear the hum of the room's potential.
I hope it sounds as good there.


Kim P said...

We miss you Bud! I thought of you today during my demo. I will have to re-set up my centers so you can try them out. I'll you give a mini demo! Your nephew is adorable--congratulations!

Bud said...

Thanks, Kim. I'm looking forward to one of your centers!