Thursday, June 23, 2005

Podcast #5 -- SCWP

The Southern Colorado Writing Project was eager to share some of their work when I pulled out the microphones and explained the concept. Here, for your enjoyment, is one of the best daily logs I've ever heard -- an old-style revival meeting, complete with call and response. Following the log, three of the project's teacher-consultants share their professional papers about writing and what it means for them and to them. (Bonus -- near the end of the track, one participant creates a blog while he's waiting to read his piece!)
Enjoy the podcast, and, as always, please share your comments here so that the authors can get your feedback!

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Lynette Lievers said...

Hello from the southern part of the state! One of the most invigorating aspects of my involvement with the writing project continues to be the collaboration and collegiality of the fellows. I know I belong to a "cadre" (Book of Nagin p.94) of teachers focused on bringing writing to the classroom in an authentic and engaging way for students and teachers alike. Being involved in the SCWP as a co-director and returning fellow adds to my sense of empowerment as a teacher, learner, and writer. Our lognote reader, Joyce, did a fantastic bit of reading and inspired us to new heights of SCWPisms. Bryan brought his enthusiastic voice to the room; Tara brought her tenacity; Derek brought his experience as a writer separate from teaching. Their voices along with all the others make this 2005 institute a fine place to be. One of our fellows is working on creating a blog - I'm not sure who - and hopefully we can continue the conversation between our sites. Happy writing!!!