Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Tools for Found Poetry

Tools for Found Poetry
Originally uploaded by Bud the Teacher.

Today, Megan shared some stories of American immigration and asked us to write found poems from their words. These are my tools. Please share your found poems in the comments section of this post.


Anonymous said...

When the Anchor Hit the Ocean Floor
Arranged by Greg Pierson

Who is waiting for you immigrant
And nobody was waiting for me,
I had nobody.
I pictured Immigrant prison
Jew Russian Hungarian French
All understood
The spirit itself was electric
father said,
the streets are paved with gold
"This is for me!" I sad sheepishly
He said, "I lied to you"
He practically sells me
for 4 dollars
So I stood at the corner at 34th
Resignation in hand
and discovered America
I didn't realize this was
what I was what I was looking for.

Rachel Church said...

I'm glad that you found the pieces that literally fell off of this poem! You wouldn't want to lose this one. I like, "He practically sells me/for 4 dollars"
Your poem thoroughly addresses Megan's question "How does it feel to be an immigrant?"

Bud said...

Wow. I agree with Rachel -- that was well worth the wait and the extra trouble that you went to. Very cool.

Megan E. Freeman said...

yes, Come
arranged by Megan Freeman

shelter waiting for me
what was I looking for
head in my hand

savoring smells nobody discovered
city life ambition
free spirit