Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Response to Public Speaking Question from Megan F.'s Demo

I was asked in my Stars and Wishes how I keep my class engaged when students are presenting their papers to each other in the oral presentation part of the writing process. The answer is, I always give them something to listen for, and have them record what they hear. For example, in the Underworld Quest project, they have to listen for several different things: Who is the hero's guide? What are the three challenges/tests the hero has to accomplish? What is the name of the invented Underworld? etc. At the end of a day of presentations, I collect their notes. (Sometimes I give them a form that they fill in as they listen, and other times I have them use their own notepaper.) Engagement and accountability, baby!

I was also asked for a copy of the questions that I used for the freewrites at the beginning of the demo. Stay tuned and I'll try to post them tomorrow.

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