Friday, June 29, 2007

permission needed to share your thinking

Hi, all,
It will be SO great to see face-to-face at Tamasag today, but it's also been cool to lurk around here on the blog and get a sense of what's going in SI. Speaking of that...

The National Writing Project has asked our site to participate in a couple of sessions at the national conference in November (it will be in the Big Apple!) to discuss how we've integrated technology into our summer institute. I think it makes a lot of sense to focus on our blog during that session.

Along those lines, I'd like your permission to share these blog entries but also to hear any additional feedback you'd like to offer about your participation here or in other technological aspects (e.g., Diane's demo, the E-anthology) of the SI.

So what do you think? How has the technology piece of SI gone for you? If we didn't have anything happening digitally, how would your experience change?


Anonymous said...


You have my permission.


margaret said...

If we didn't have anything digitally in the SI, the experience would be totally different, and not as rewarding. I have to say, that the experience with the e-anthology for me has been one of the best parts. I posted a lot of writing pieces that I was working on, and the feedback I got was not only instantaneous in most cases, but very helpful. I also loved getting feedback from all over the nation, and enjoyed knowing so many people were up writing at the same time I was! Plus, for someone who has not done a lot of writing, it felt great to "get it out there" and know that someone else was going to read it. Inside our SI classroom technology was a huge part of our daily existence. We were able to meet as writing groups, share, discuss, and then go to the computer lab to write or revise based on our discussions. People were able to use power points, podcasts, and the internet during demos. And, I just emailed my stuff for our anthology to be printed. So, I don't if this is exactly what you are looking for, but the technology has been so helpful. I am going to go through e-anthology withdrawal when we are done!! I not only post my own stuff, but I enjoy reading others.
Claudia Swisher,from Oklahoma Writing Project,responded to one of my postings on e-anthology and said to tell you hello!

kimspencer said...

I have to agree with Jack and Margaret. I also think the blogging that Jason showed us was the best. i can see how you can get hooked on it and how great of a resource/tool it can be in the classroom. Beyond the blogging for CSUWP I have enjoyed the E-Anthology. What a great resource to stay connected. I posted and received valuable feed back. I loved reading what others are up to out there in cyberspace too.

BissyG said...

You have my permission, too. Learning about blogging and trying it for the first time has inspired me to use a blog in my Writer's Workshop next year. It has been a great tool to experiment with...and fun, too! A nice way to process information and keep conversations going.

arthur said...

I also thinking the blogging is great. It reminds me a lot of the listserves that I was on in grad school about 10 years ago. A listserve is basically an email system that sends every comment etc. to everyone. Blogs are even better. They are easier to set up, a lot more organized, and they have a lot of management options.
-- Will Sherman