Monday, June 18, 2007

Research Questions

I copied some of the research questions that different people came up with. I thought some of these questions might be a good starting point; I am having a difficult time pinning something down, so I thought others might benefit from these ideas as well. We have everything from the larger questions of the disenfranchised to the specifics of how to teach thesis statements. -- Will

How can I help my students from sentence to sentence and paragraph to paragraph – especially with quotations?

How can I break students of the habit of making a topic sentence a thesis? How do I help students make original claims?

How can I support students’ formal writing (essays) that will help them understand the formula and eventually move away from that?

How can I help students use an essay organizer as a tool rather than being controlled by it?

How do I move my students away from formula-based writing and teach them to use higher-level thinking as an analytical tool to drive their writing?

How do I assimilate Bloom’s taxonomy into actual writing pieces?

I wonder if gender grouping in writing groups might influence risk-taking and make for more meaningful writing?
What is the relationship between family literacy and at-home writing?

How do I move from an effective Student Discussion to an effective/meaningful writing piece?

What are children learning from media portrayals . . . how their parents are writing & speaking to issues that are relevant to the disenfranchised?


J.Malone said...

thank you for posting these...

now, just keep encouraging others to read and post along with you.

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