Tuesday, June 19, 2007

New Teachers

Just got back from Emily and Kim's New Teacher Week-long workshop. I was asked to come in along with Kim D., Katy S., Rebecca F. (or G.), Tami W., and Rhys R. (who got lost on the way I guess). Our goal was to simply tell stories about our early teaching careers including the way we integrate writing. Laid-back, simple and a cool chance to remind myself why I do what I do. I always get inspired by talking with others I respect about what keeps them teaching and with new teachers about what makes it such an amazing career. Thanks for the chance to speak a bit and listen more. Seems like a fantastic week-long workshop so far.


Megan B. said...

Emily and Kim are such gems, I'm sure they're putting on a great week-long. And, it's nice to get some news from the other projects the Project has going on while we're in the SI. Let's see if we can get everyone to blog a little somethin' about their offerings!

Bud Hunt said...

Good point, Megan. I'm off to add my piece.

Craig said...

I went to discuss some writing across the curriculum (specifically in visual arts) stuff with the early careers workshoppers on Wednesday, and I had a similarly great experience. We had some great discussion about not just writing, but connections across all content areas that foster critical thinking skills central to making meaning of text, artwork, and our world. THIS translates directly to writing and teaching writing. I walked away with some new ideas and a surplus of positive energy about teaching and writing (and art)!

Emily and Kim put crafted an outstanding weeklong experience for their 12 participants. (Cindy tells me that at least two of them are so stoked they want to do the second one-week workshop next week. (with Kim Donegan and Jen McD)