Monday, June 18, 2007

Research Questions Reminder

Thanks, Will, for the post. I've been so busy in that room that I'd barely bothered to glance at them. They are really thoughtful questions.

A couple things we all want you to remember:
  • Your question doesn't have to be pefectly formulated by the end of the SI - just enough to help you get your research prospectus written.
  • Your question doesn't have to be fancy - just something you're wondering about in your classroom - as reflective teachers, you'll naturally be wondering something that other people would be interested in, too.
  • You're not writing a PhD dissertation. We're not even asking you to have any research done by the end of the SI. It's simply a proposal for how you'll try to answer your question in your class(es) in the coming year. And, you include a brief bibliography of a few articles or books that have been written by others who are exploring this question. (My prospectus was 1.5 pages, single-spaced, with some bullets interspersed. No huge deal!)

Good luck - remember to ask us, especially Craig and Cindy, if you need help with teacher research.

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