Thursday, June 21, 2007

A Technology Update

I've been enjoying very much getting to see some snapshots of the SI via the blog while I've been traveling lately -- and Megan reminded me in a recent comment here that we should all be updating -- so I thought I'd drop a quick note to introduce myself to those of you in the SI and to update the rest of you on what the CSUWP is up to when it comes to technology.
So -- let's start with the intro.

The Intro

My name is Bud Hunt and I serve as Technology Liaison for the CSUWP. That means that it's my job to help you to integrate technology into your teaching when I can, as well as to help the project think about using technology in meaningful ways. For the most part, I just want to be a friendly face for you to bounce ideas off of or to ask questions of. (Of course, as the project continues to grow -- which is awesome! -- I may not be a real face for some of you -- but I'm happy to be a virtual resource. I check my e-mail lots and am online a great deal of the time -- ask Jason if you don't believe me!)
If you ever need help setting up a project, or have concerns about anything technical, please don't hesitate to ask. It's my job to help, and I take looking after teachers very seriously. You can reach me via e-mail or via this blog.

The Updates

The Spring has been a very busy time for the CSUWP and technology, particularly within the national network. I was pleased to be a facilitator of a meeting on thinking about WP sites' web presences. I was asked to be involved because of the CSUWP's great history of using the web to facilitate our work. (Thanks, Will, for all the great website stuff that you do!) It was cool to help others' think about their web presence and how the work they do is bound up in how it's represented (or not) to the world.
Another project I have been pleased to support is the work of the first ever Advanced Institute at CSUWP. The AI is focused on the intersection of inquiry and technology, and Jason and Cindy have been facilitating folks' use of blogs to talk and reflect about their inquiry work. Those meetings take off next week -- and the online work has been going for a while. You should certainly take some time to read the AI blog and to take a look at individuals' blogs -- I wish I had more time to spend in conversation there, but I'm pleased that the great thinking and learning that's happening there is accessible to others and will ultimately be useful to lots of people.
Earlier this week, I was at a working meeting of the NWP discussing technology and writing in the 21st Century. I was honored to represent the CSUWP as we discussed tech and how it's altering the landscape of literacy, teaching and learning. Several smart folks have written (and podcasted) about their experiences, and I hope to write up some of mine over at my blog soon.
Whew -- that's a lot, huh? I hope you're up to good work and that you're going to share it via the blog. The entire network learns when you share what you can with us -- so always think blog!


Megan B. said...

We miss you, Bud. Though I love your "virtual presence", too, we've mentioned you so much that today when a staff member brought you up again, one of the Fellows finally said, "Who is Bud?" I hear you are taking a brief hiatus, but we'd love to see you anyway.

margaret said...

Yes, Bud, to us 2007 fellows, you are as mystical as the "wizard behind the curtain." If you'd ever like to peek out from behind it, we'd love to meet you.

Craig said...

Can you make yourself look and sound like Max Headroom? It would be a little spooky, but that way we could have you with us (virtually) every day.

Ditto what Megan said: We do miss you!!