Thursday, June 15, 2006

Nonreturning Ulcers

I was talking with a new CSUWP fellow the other eve
when my stomach felt like a sieve.
She sounded excited, nervous, tense
My intestines were getting dense.
She told me of all the had to do
(Think of something intestinal that rhymes with "do"- I'm not going to sink to that level).
I missed the WP jumping in
the brass knuckles, piggybacks, and gin.
Then I thought of something that made me mellow
I remembered I was STILL a fellow.
Although I can't promise I'll be consistent
I do promise to NOT be distant.
So may good things come your way
and I'll close with Namaste'.

I wish fortitude to all the new fellows - Greg Pierson

1 comment:

J.Malone said...

I'm going to hold you to that...
Friday... 3:30, Craig's house.
Join us.