Monday, June 12, 2006

Links from the 2006 Summer Institute Blogging Introduction

Good Morning. This post is a handy online referral and link catch-all for the links that Megan and I will be referring you to during this mornig's presentation. Some of these links you'll find quite interesting and useful. A few, frankly, you won't care for much at all. But they're here, anyway. If we missed any, simply leave a comment and we'll correct the post.

CSU Writing Project Website
NWP Website (Click on Member Login to access the E-Anthology)
Blogging & Aggregator Tutorial (Follow the steps, ignore the time suggestions)
2005 CSUWP Summer Institute Podcasts
Megan's Poetry Blog
The Wednesday Afternoon Poetry Club
Bud's blog (Look on the right side of the main page for the links to educational blogs that Bud reads regularly).

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