Thursday, June 22, 2006

The Death of Richard Cory

I'm always very interested in the writing that comes from the demo, but rarely am I inspired to write as much as I was today in Colleen C.'s demo on Rhetorical Analysis. Using "Richard Cory" by Arlington, Colleen had us rewrite from different point of views, analyse from a historical, literal, and/or an emotional perspective, and go to depths of poetry using personal responses. And all I wanted to do the whole time was write. Fantastic demo.


Anonymous said...

I was travellin down the road, feelin hungry and cold
I saw a sign sayin food and drinks for everyone
So naturally I thought I would take me a look inside
I saw so much food, there was water comin from my eye
An then somebody grabbed me, and said before you join this gala
and start to eat, you gotta write like Norman Mailer

You know I can’t write, you know I can’t write
You know I cant write, you know I cant write
I cant write

Now wait a minute
Let me see now

Of course I can write of course I can write
Im sure I can write, Im sure I can write..
I can write

I did an alliteration, anacoluthon and a canto that won’t bore
added a cliché and a bit of donnée to some folklore
You should a seen me writing, I’m my own bookstore
Hand me down my quill, next week Im comin back for more

J.Malone said...

To whoever you are...

If you are going to hijack and post, at least get some new material.