Sunday, July 24, 2005

Who qualifies?

I met a wonderful woman at a conference recently who is very interested in NWP training, but is not currently teaching, and hopes to teach at the university level when she finishes her dissertation next year. Can college professors do NWP training or is it available only to K-12 teachers, administrators, counselors, etc.?


Bud said...

I think -- but am not certain -- that NWP is open to anyone working in education. Anyone else know for sure?

Cindy O-A said...

The writing project is open to teachers of grades k-16, which includes university folks, of course. Our first year, we had 2 college comp. teachers apply. They had taught at the middle school level before, but at the time, they were teaching freshmen comp.

So to answer your question in reference to your acquaintance, it would depend whether or not she was teaching at the time. As I'm sure you recall, much of the application requires info. on the applicant's teaching, so I think it would be difficult to apply, much less participate fully, if you didn't a classroom of your own to use as a point of reference.

Does this help?
- Cindy

Megan E. Freeman said...

Thanks Cindy. I will pass this information along. It sounds like it is something she should pursue once she finds a position...unless she could do it while she's a PhD candidate while teaching undergraduates?