Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A Concern

So I've been on the hunt for other Writing Project blogs. I've found a few healthy ones, but I've found an awful lot more "sleeping" or down right dead blogs. It's kind of sad to see writing project sites with dead and dying links and blogs. I know that teachers get busy, and that we all have grand plans that fall by the wayside.
But please. Please. Don't let this blog die.
Many of you are signed up as contributors. Many more of you have expressed an interest. If each of you found the time to make one post or comment every week or two, this blog can stay healthy.
Please. Please. Don't let this blog die.
There are others who aren't in our group who do read this blog. Perhaps they find ideas for their classrooms here. Perhaps they enjoy watching another group at work. For their sake, and ours, please. Please don't let this blog die.
Okay. That's enough groveling. For now.

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