Friday, August 03, 2007

greetings from the watershed writing workshop

I'm writing from "Cloud City," also known as Leadville, CO, and understanding this morning how it got its nickname. It's in the balmy fifties, and me without the proper wardrobe.

Will and I arrived here late yesterday afternoon and have been bowled over ever since by this charming little town, all the amazing history, and the terrific things that are happening in our Watershed Writing Workshop. About a year ago, we received a grant from the NWP Rural Sites Network to fund this dream of Starr Hill's, and now it's finally happening.

As usual, all the groovy writing project synchronicity is taking place, and we have a great bunch of participants who've worked some rigorous magic that they plan to take back to their classrooms. Starr has done an amazing job of building a community, getting them writing and reading and creating and blogging and on and on and on. Suffice it to say that this has exceeded everyone's highest expectations.

Gotta go right now for body biography presentations, lunch, and a writing marathon, so stay tuned for the results....

- Cindy


arthur said...

Maybe it is my morbid sense of humor that comes from working with a lot of kids with a morbid sense of humor, but I love the idea of ooooing and ahhhing over the graves of dead revolutionaries.

-- Will

J.Malone said...