Thursday, August 02, 2007

Craig and Megan and Cindy's Excellent Adventure!

As Cindy says below, we really learned a lot in Wellesley, MA. Cindy was the star presenter, and we beamed with pride as our fellow attendees said, "Who is this amazing woman?" because, she's ours! But we also had a great time walking and running in the 90+ degree heat and seeing the sites. And, we stayed at a conference center on the Babson College campus where the dining room rivalled the Oak Room. You could even get dessert for breakfast, I swear. Tables and tables and tables of buffet, gourmet food. And the last night was lob-stah and clams and peanut buttah pie! Mmmmm, Mmmmm! Naturally, when we went sightseeing in Boston before our flight left, we thought all food in Mass. should be free for the taking, and were disappointed at having to pay.

Craig and Cindy were willing to walk a portion of the Freedom Trail with me so I could "ooh!" and "ahhh!" over the graves of dead revolutionaries. Craig took a lot of digi-pics, so perhaps one will show up here. We bought the requisite loads of Red Sox stuff - sorry, Cam, but your guys are currently 7 games out.

Finally, look for a podcast from Logan International Airport to show up soon. And you'll be hearing more from us about Teacher Research and Inquiry Initiatives.

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Bud Hunt said...

Sounds like a great and useful time! Looking forward to hearing and seeing more.