Monday, June 09, 2008

We're Back... and Off and Running...

As usual, we disappear for awhile, especially as the tidal wave of school crashes down on us at the end of the year. But... The CSUWP Summer Institute has begun this year... that of summer 2008.

We have an incredible group once again... 18 High School, Middle School, and Elementary teachers representing everything from Language Arts to Humanities to Sciences. As always the experience and expertise that exists in this small cramped room in the corner of the Engineering Building is incredible. Now in my 5th year, I'm just as excited to learn from these individuals as I was from my group of fellows.

So here we are, the first day, participating in a "Demo Demo" from Jason Tyler (2007 Fellow). His use of improvisation in the classroom to engage students and inform their writing is an incredible way to start the summer... getting our new fellows out of their seats and interacting on Day 1. Thank you Jason for demonstrating an amazing demo for our new fellows.


Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful month!!!

Bud Hunt said...

I wish you all the best for a great institute. IF you find yourselves with a few extra minutes - heh - you might wish to check out the work of some of our St. Vrain CyberCampers - we're in the midst of a two-week institute focused very much on many of the same issues that you're working with and through. You can find their work here:

In addition, I'd challenge each of you to use this blog as an opportunity to document your hard work. You'll appreciate it later when you need a reminder, and those of us curious about what you're up to are eager to learn from your experiences - but we can't learn a thing unless you share.

Welcome to the family, y'all.

Bud Hunt
CSUWP TC - 2003