Thursday, February 01, 2007

what's coming up this summer

Can you believe it's already time to start thinking summer? Personally, I'm relieved just to contemplate warmer, snowless weather. But here, I Just wanted to give everyone a preview of our summer programs. We've got lots going on, and Deanna and I are planning a mailing so stay tuned for details. Here's the list so far with deadines:

1. The Summer Institute, of course - Deadline Feb. 12
2. 4 weeklong workshops, including a new one for teachers in their first 3 years and another for rural teachers as well - Deadline May 4
3. 2 Young Writers Workshops, one at CSU and one in Longmont - Deadline not decided yet
4. AN ADVANCED INSTITUTE integrating teacher research and technology! This will take place June 25-July 6. It's free and open to any CSUWP fellow. Details soon to come.

So please help us with recruiting for the summer institute and weeklong workshops. You are our most reliable connections to good people. Just e-mail me for applications if you need them.

Recruiting for Young Writers will begin soon as well, though we don't have the registration forms ready yet. And I'm working on an e-mail for the Advanced Institute right now. I challenge you to find a program to plug into! It will help us, sure, but it is guaranteed to be rejuvenating and fun for you, too.

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