Sunday, July 02, 2006


The Writing Project SI process for the Staff and I began 6 months ago... reviewing applications, interviewing candidates, planning pre-institute and summer ongoings... it's been a long beautiful process. This doesn't take into account the other WP events that have taken place, Young Writers Workshops, Two Summer Teacher Workshops, Rural Sites, Writing Retreats, Social Gatherings, all organized by Governing Board Members and their hard-working committees. Somehow Cindy deals with it all.

But to me, the WP Summer Institute is the culmination of it all, although those of us that stay involved know that none of it ever really ends. But this time of year, Tamasag and all, feels like our year is coming to a close. As we speak, we are revising next year's schedules, reevaluating the interview process, and reconsidering next summer's procedures, so as I said, it's really only the beginning of another year of progress. On friday of next week, our WP Fellows will grow to a number around 80 strong. And they are amazing teachers and people that will only help CSUWP continue to grow in a way that very few WP sites have grown, not this quickly and efficiently.

So 2006 WP Fellows... start wondering about, considering, and exploring the many different ways that you can come back to us and make CSUWP stronger. In all of the above programs, we are looking for people to help and lead, and since I will be asking you on Friday about your interests, start thinking about it now. Cindy wants you...

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Yes, the good news is that anyone can add info. on-line. And the bad news is that anyone can add info. on line. Young students can't differentiate credible info. from garbage, so they view all of it as "the word." We have to teach them to become savvy consumers of the info. they read and use.