Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Malone, you're slacking

Well, here it is 9:31 PM and no post from Wednesday. I just want to say that obviously Jason is forgetting his ritual! Just kidding, but I think it is important to applaud Liz and Sherry for two excellent demos! All teachers would benefit from Liz's constructivist approach to teaching expository writing - especially those with a ton of content to cover - kudos to you! Sherry, wow, research in 1st grade. We have expository writing all over the place today! My fellow fellows, you rock! Kat writes Haiku and Colleen C. - WOW! Beautiful writing, I know we were all impressed. Thank you all for sharing in this experience - isn't fun to be a teacher and learner and researcher and leader - all at once?


J.Malone said...

Thank you for checking up on me...
Seems that I'm no longer needed.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Come on Jason, we all know you're unnecessary! :)

Your adoring fans from other summers.