Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A CSUWP "Fairy Tale"

Once upon a time, a little 28 year old girl, we’ll call her Liz, was lucky enough to attend the CSUWP. Her days were busy and filled with many exciting activities before, during, and after school. In the morning she would clop around her house whining about the fact that it is summer, and she is a teacher and why did she make a month long commitment to something when she could be sleeping in everyday. But this feeling didn’t last long.

Soon, she would grab her 98 bags, attach them to her body and her bike, and meet her friend Tami at the corner for a bike ride to CSU. This ride always changed her from the clopping to a bouncier walk. After the first few blocks, she was ready to take on all that personal and professional reflection that causes brain pain.

During the day, Liz and her 20 friends in the CSUWP, plus a few extra around the edges, would laugh together, learn together, cry together, and write together. They would stretch themselves to the edges of their comfort zones and feel safe doing it. They would support each other with stars and a few wishes, and work on changing their teaching and selves for the rest of their lives.

After school, Liz would pedal herself home, bags feeling just a little bit heavier, up the gradual incline known as Mountain Ave. where she would instantly change into her “get sweaty” clothes. From there Liz would jump in her car and zoom to a stinky, carpeted room filled with other people in their “get sweaty” clothes, lead by a woman with giant fake boobs.

There, Liz, her friends Natalie and Lindsey, and 40 other friends in sweatiness would punch the air, knee their imaginary enemies in the face, and squat down until they thought their legs would snap in half. The continued for an entire hour until finally they would drop from exhaustion and pose like people in prayer to stretch their backs.

Finally, after all this sweating, and a day of CSUWP, Liz would go home, feed her face and fall into bed. It was a full day and she was just going to turn around and do it all over again tomorrow. She continued this for four weeks and then taught and wrote happily ever after.

The End.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun!!

donna s said...

So fun! And over now. I'm glad and I miss it. I miss WG - we kicked butt!