Sunday, July 10, 2005

CSU Writing Project Summer Institute 2005

CSU Writing Project Summer Institute 2005
I'm in withdrawl from the CSU Writing Project. It felt so good to spend a month with a group of lifelong learners. I learned a lot from all of you about myself as a teacher, writer, and general human being. Thank you for being such amazingly real people.
The more I think about education, the more I realize that what we have done is revolutionary. I believe that a movement like NWP could elevate the teaching PROFESSION like nothing else. Just think what could happen if teachers began sharing their expertise like other professionals, i.e. doctors and lawyers. It could change the world. So, don't read too much of Eggers' new book, because we don't want anyone dropping out. The world needs us!

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Megan E. Freeman said...

I agree, Rachel. I am sitting in a little internet cafe in Telluride wondering where everybody went! I've had all sorts of reactions to the end of the institute (although I did finally catch up on my sleep). On the one hand, it's nice to actually feel like it's summer vacation, but on the other hand, it's really hard not to be thinking about school starting with all these great new ideas. What's more, I miss hearing everyone's work, seeing everyone's faces and gleaning buckets of wisdom from everyone's collected experiences.

Best of luck in New Jersey. Get hooked up with the NWP gang there so we can keep the revolution rolling.